2021 in HD

Kudirat Bakare
2 min readDec 28, 2021
My type of HD view

Mehn this 2021 had a lot for me in multiple gift packs with different sizes and different reactions. I thought I had gotten used to not getting hit when it all seems wrong or hard but I am still human.

I see many people highlighting their greatest ‘W’ this year and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any major win.

My wins this year in summary are:

  • I took my mental health more seriously. this was priority for me as at the beginning of the year I felt I was getting mad. The pressure was too intense I felt out of love with Art, my job as an IT support specialist and my design career. I became cranky and in fact Lagos frustrated me (lols). Then at a point in February I took that decision to prioritize my mental health and I did that with ease.
  • I got married o, like Nollywood film I carried my legs into my husband house legally and traditionally in April. I get to stay with my best friend and greatest supporter. It is not an easy something.
  • I took designing more seriously. Past few month as been beautiful with designing and being mentored by a badass senior designer ( I need to write about him someday), I got gigs that I couldn’t believe I would ever work on. I crafted a SAAS solution from start to finish. I built my portfolio https://kudirat.webflow.io/ with a no code tool in days (I am shocked myself).
  • I became a founding member of a design agency and we are building a beautiful product at the moment.
  • I am also a part of a startup team ‘HIDEA’ that would be changing lives in 2022.
  • My abstract art is hanging in the house of more than 20 beautiful clients.

When there are wins , there would obviously be losses also. I had a few of these too.

  • All my design job application got rejected, I was pained when I had an interview with a remote company and one mistake made the company drop me. I felt so sad for almost a week.
  • Had challenges with my health that I couldn’t share with friends and I ended up loosing so many friends at a point I wasn't even bothered about trying to keep anyone again.

Reflecting has made me see 2022 as another chance to keep fighting to reach my goals. I hope you can also see that being alive this very moment is a major win and you should not over pressurize yourselves.

We would all get something hooge (wink).

Cheers to a new year!!!